September 11, 2017

Hello all,
As of September 4th, 2017, the St. Olaf student body has received an update from the Task Force on Institutional Racism that was formulated at the end of the spring semester of last year.

"Dear St. Olaf Students,

We write to present the Report of the St. Olaf Task Force on Institutional Racism. Our Task Force officially ends with the release of this report. But the work ahead continues and we hope this report is a helpful step in the process of making St. Olaf an even more inclusive and welcoming community for all.

We thank everyone who helped us in our work this summer, and in the preparation of this report.

Best regards,

Joan Hepburn and Chris Chiappari, Co-Chairs
On behalf of the St. Olaf Task Force on Institutional Racism"

Here is a link to the full 43-page document of their recommendations for St. Olaf.