Last week, we met with a few members of the Working Group so that we can begin the process of creating an actual line of communication between the two groups. We saw it as an overdue first step, but we are appreciative that the Working Group has realized that in order to create change on campus it is imperative that a communicative relationship is maintained. This relationship will continue to hold administration accountable and highlight the importance of transparency.

During the meeting on Monday, both parties agreed that change on campus is necessary, and we acknowledged it'll be a slow process, but in order for that process to begin there is a need for the Collective and St. Olaf community to thoroughly understand how the Working Group, as a whole, is committed in ensuring that this process continues, and that it does not stop after the recommendations are released on May 1st. 

We will be meeting with the Working Group, Task Force, and consultant Jamie Washington this Friday (2/23) to begin the first of these conversations.